Image of a Slanetrac HT1000s Diesel Mini Track Dumper in a field

HT1000S Diesel Track Dumper

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Image of a custom wrapped Slanetrac HT1000 mini track dumper at the Slanetrac engineering Limited facility

HT1000 Compact Petrol Track Dumper

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Image of a Slanetrac HT690 The Pup Mini Track Dumper on a building site

HT690 “The Pup” Track Dumper

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Introducing the Slanetrac range of track dumpers, offering both the HT1000 S3 diesel and the HT1000 Compact petrol with one tonne capacity, as well as the HT690 (800kg capacity) ‘The Pup’ option for maximum versatility. Designed with ease of access in mind, our track dumpers are the perfect solution for navigating building sites and landscaping projects with efficiency and precision.